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Skagerak and Danish designer, Christina Liljenberg Halstrom

February 19, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 5.08.59 PM

The designer explaining her creative process.

The designer explaining her creative process. Photo Credit 1st and 2nd photos: Felicia Shelton

This photograph comes from Ikea's site: Livethemma. It was styled by Pella Hedeby.

This photograph comes from Ikea’s site: Livethemma. It was styled by Pella Hedeby.

One of the first design Scandinavian companies I discovered during InstaWalk and Talk at Stockholm Furniture Design and Light Fair was Danish company, Skagerak. Natural materials, check. Clean lines, check. Intelligent Scandinavian design, always, check! One of my main goals upon attending this fair is to learn more about Scandinavian design. I appreciated the use of wool and wood throughout the collection. One of the pieces of furniture that stood out to me is this bench, the George Stool, designed by Christina L. Halstrom. My favorite version is this one I instagrammed at the show. It’s the sealskin edition of the stool. I admire it because it’s quietly stunning.

Ett Hem, An Intimate Boutique Hotel

February 17, 2015




Truly a gift from God, the gods and Em that I attended the private party hosted by Ett Hem. I was there to view Ilse Crawford’s collection for Ikea. A lovely evening was had, I met some incredible people and it was all in a boutique hotel like no other. Ett Hem means “a home” a name so simple and direct. This boutique hotel feels as if you’re actually home, it’s warm, it’s it’s a bit isolated even though right outside it’s large doors lies Stockholm. There are no more words I’m going to write here. Just look at the pictures I took and I hope that you enjoy. I need to get back to Sweden! LOL.

Sunday Inspiration: Launch Party at Ett Hem in Stockholm

February 15, 2015


It’s insanely cold outside but the thoughts of beauty of great design in stunning surroundings keep the home fires burning. I am so thankful that I got to travel to Stockholm and attend the launch of a beautiful new furniture collection. I can’t stop looking through all of my photos…See you again this summer, Stockholm!

La Vie en Rose

February 14, 2015





As you know, I was invited to attend Stockholm Furniture Design and Light Fair held in beautiful Stockholm. I usually blog for Maison et Objet but decided that I needed to see and do something new this new year. The fair and Stockholm did not disappoint! This fair is strictly about Scandinavian design and I loved just about every designer from Denmark and Sweden with a very special sister duo from Finland.

Now Sweden is not usually associated with color but I kept noticing a particular color, pink, in a lot of places at this fair. This pink was not garish or otherwise loud or childish. There was a worldly sophistication to the various shades of pink that I witnessed in various pieces of furniture, sofas in particular. Here they are, tell me what you think.

1st photo: Offect
2nd photo: Normann Copenhagen
3rd photo: Eilersen
4th photo: The Trend Exhibition at the fair

Photo credits: Felicia Shelton

Ilse Crawford Creates For Ikea

February 10, 2015




I’m back from beautiful Stockholm! Thanks to Em of Ems Designblogg I had the golden opportunity to attend an intimate party and private viewing of Ilse Crawford’s first collection for Ikea, called Sinnerlig. The event was at the beautiful Ett Hem boutique hotel and the collection is simply modern-day exquisite. We were all quite taken with the woven framed daybed. I’m definitely going to purchase it, it’s so beautiful, functional and it looks classically Danish to boot! I love the quiet tones of the collection, the raw natural materials used. I think the collection would work anywhere in the world, which makes it perfect for Ikea to nab such an amazing designer to elevate their brand going forward. Ms. Crawford has designed 30 pieces of so for the collection and it will launch worldwide in August. I call first dibs on the day bed and the beautiful low-lying lamps.

The Best In Show

February 7, 2015






I love Sweden! I love Stockholm! The Stockholm Furniture and Northern Light Fair was a perfect beginning to learning about not only how Scandinavian design has been but more importantly, what Scandinavian design is today. The photos you see above are a great example of some of the unexpected colors and textiles I had the pleasure of viewing at this important show. I am pleasantly exhausted from viewing all the great design I saw. I met some really interesting designers that I will share with you when I return to the U.S. O.K. lights out! Time to hit the design shops tomorrow. Enjoy!

I’m in beautiful Stockholm!

February 4, 2015




Hello everyone!

I’m now in Stockholm, Sweden! I’ve been invited to report and photograph the designers of Stockholm Furniture Design and Light Fair. Today was my second day and I’ve met some wonderful and influential Scandinavian designers. I’m in heaven. Check my instagram for more photos and I will try to blog more while I’m here. My instagram is felicia.shelton. I have lots of surprises for you!


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