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Sinnerlig och Ikea

January 5, 2016


It took me a long time to get a piece of the Sinnerlig collection, courtesy of Ikea. While in Sweden in February 2015 I had the opportunity to view the collection privately with the designer herself, Ilse Crawford! Instead of buying every piece that could fit my car, I  decided on this pillow. I wanted to add more textile to my living room. They’re so comfortable that I’m thinking of going back again this weekend to pick up some more colors as well as some lamps for my home office. Then no more, I promise! After all, I’ll need all the money I can save for my upcoming trip to Copenhagen!

Photo credit: Felicia Shelton (at home)

Happy New Year! 2016!

January 1, 2016



Hello everyone! I do hope that you had a wonderful beginning of the new year, I sure did.

The reason I come to you now is that a lot of great things have happened this past year and I’ve decided to finally take that leap and do what I truly want to do, with this blog, my professional life, the list goes on. I am so grateful to have had such great times here in the U.S. and in such a great city, so much so that I want to make this city my base. Is it my Paris (where I lived for so long)? Non. Is it back to the country of Sweden where I spent a number of years studying and working? Nej. I’ve decided that it feels good to have a base, somewhere where I can set up office (more on that later) in a beautiful home, in a vibrant and thriving American city. Some great things are happening in Virginia (where I’ve resided for almost 3 years) plus the weather is great. Being physically closer to family is important to me now and now I know that I can have the best of both worlds. I’m on the coast, airports are not far, so that when I need to go away on assignment I can, with ease.  For a long time I was trying to make Paris my base and things just didn’t work out for me in that sense and I did the smart thing and left. I can now visit friends in Paris just as they visited me: WITHOUT A CARE IN THE WORLD. LOL! From now on, I’ll be the chic American visitor to the city of light shopping to my heart’s content, meeting friends for lunch, dinner and cocktails at my favorite cafés, bistros, etc. I’m so excited that I now get to be a seasoned visitor and FORMER resident (never a tourist darling) of Paris! I love Paris dearly but baby, I’m glad that I no longer live there. There’s so much more I’m doing here in the States that I now realize this is where I need to be.  Especially now that I’m building my own company! Yes!! 

I’m now meeting with a graphic designer who’s helping me with the new look of the website I’m building. I’ll keep you informed because I’d love for you to be a part of what I’m building. I truly appreciate your support of these past 8 years. Yes, 8 years. It’s hard to believe, it’s been a beautiful and bumpy ride. I don’t regret a thing! A big hug to all of you! Happy New Year!

Photo credit: Myself and my iPhone 6 in Church Hill here in Richmond, VA.

Boogie Winterland!

October 12, 2015

Hello All,


I have made it a goal to travel to two foreign countries every year.
I went to Sweden in February and now I want to go to Denmark. It’s so warm here, quite beautiful actually. Virginia is not cool and crisp yet and I am longing to wear tall boots and wool and suede again. I love the Fall! Anyhoo just saw this photo and it made me think of eating with friends outside on a terrace, drinking vin chaud and laughing like crazy folk, ALL IN COOL/COLD WEATHER.

Where are you in the world and has Fall reached your door?


Den and Delve beautifies and simplifies

August 2, 2015

Hello everyone!
I want to take this time to introduce you to Patrick who is the creator and owner of Den and Delve. Take a look at his gorgeous accessories that he creates himself. I love his apparant love of textures and earthy colors. He granted me an interview and I will share it with you now. Thanks Patrick!

Photo Credit: Den and Delve
Check out his new collection in his online shop!




1. How has design shaped your life?

I’ve always been creatively active throughout my whole life… whether physically making something or even mentally (re)designing something. I’m that person who’s at a restaurant thinking about how I would have chosen different chairs or paint color through the entire meal! I’ve learned to embrace my unique talents and eye for design to make both a career and hobby of it. It’s nice to be professionally and personally in sync.

2. What led to you creating a career in design?

As I mentioned, when something is innate in yourself, you just go with it and make it work for you. I can’t imagine myself pursuing anything other than creative endeavors. It’s rewarding on multiple levels.

3. What made you choose to start an accessories line?

There’s a lot of great accessories out there, but I always crave something just a little more unique and personal. So, I started making my own things. As I experimented and created different accessories, I’d give them to friends when I had too many for myself. As interest grew, it seemed only natural to begin selling them… but I truly enjoy making things and would still do so even if I wasn’t.

4. How would you describe your work?

It’s pretty organic in the sense that it changes along with my interests and inspirations. One week I may be really into the color green, and then another I could be inspired by a trip I recently took. Overall though, my work is based in earthy color tones and is always full of texture and personality. I use vintage materials not only for the sake of repurposing, but for their unique qualities and appearances. By using them, no two of my accessories will ever be exactly the same. I like when things aren’t “perfectly manufactured” but have that recognizable handmade quality instead.

5. The fabrics you use seem to come from beautiful far off places. Do you travel a lot during the year to gather your materials?

As with most people, I actually wish I could travel more! I do try to travel to a few interesting places throughout the year, but I also rely a lot on local flea markets and vintage shops. Flea markets are a main source of materials for me, and many of those materials have done the traveling for me. Things generally come from other states or even countries, and have their own story of origin. I always ask vendors if they know where things came from, as it’s nice to know their history and journey and be able to pass that on.

6. Will you expand your brand into a larger lifestyle brand?

Anything’s possible! I also have a huge passion (and hobby) for interiors and decorating, and I approach that in the same way as I do my accessories: collected, textural and inspired by my experiences. Having a distinct point of view and specific aesthetic makes for an easy translation across different categories. I feel very rooted in my style approach, and am ready for anything that develops!

7. There’s a rugged, global elegance to your pouches and bags that
Really resonates with me. How has travel influenced your work?

There is so much inspiration and things to learn in countries, cities and cultures other than our own. When I travel, I’m constantly observing and absorbing everything around me – from the large and obvious like architecture, down to little details like the texture or color of a linen napkin in a restaurant. We probably aren’t even capable of taking in everything, but I do my best to immerse myself and change the way I see and experience things while traveling. I always return with a new fondness or interest in something which affects my creativity and work.

Leftover Luxuries, indeed

June 22, 2015




Leftover Luxuries fulfills my need to experience a semblance of anything worthy of the word “design” in Richmond, VA. I found this place by accident, turns out this accident happened in what is now the most talked about area of town: Scott’s Addition. You will find well-kept tapestries, a hot pink velvet sofa (this item alone…) and even a vintage Gucci purse. I could go on but I won’t, you tell me what you think of this place when you get there. Let’s compare notes! This place is huge and chock-full of great finds. You will not be disappointed.

The Dog and Pig Show

May 29, 2015




Hello Everyone!

Today’s post is brought you to by the letter D, for Delectable.
Church Hill is slowly becoming the area I long to spend time. I think it’s because I see so much potential for the area. This place is perfect for speciality shops, boutiques and eateries.

I really see The Dog and Pig Show being a destination eatery for locals and visitors to our lovely city of Richmond. I drove to this stylish take-out eatery (located in Church Hill)on a whim and decided to order the Tomato Habenaro Soup. The soup was accompanied by the best bread I’ve had in a long time, courtesy of Sub Rosa Bakery, located just a couple of blocks from “theDandPshow”.

The soup was delectable, creamy with the right amount of heat. I love a spicy soup! The soup had heart and instead of transporting me back to Paris where it’s so easy to find great food, it made me appreciate that there’s great food right here in Richmond, VA.

Expect more pics.
Also if you’re new to my blog, all photos were photographed by yours truly, unless otherwise stated. If you wish to use my photos please ask and also link back to my blog.

Thank you.

Style For Days!

May 28, 2015





Woke up this beautiful morning and happened upon a great antique shop/gallery based in Seattle, Washington: Homestead Seattle. Their tastes reminds me of the great vintage finds that I photographed in the Marché aux Puces right outside of Paris. Style for days!

Have a great Friday everyone.

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