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Leftover Luxuries, indeed

June 22, 2015




Leftover Luxuries fulfills my need to experience a semblance of anything worthy of the word “design” in Richmond, VA. I found this place by accident, turns out this accident happened in what is now the most talked about area of town: Scott’s Addition. You will find well-kept tapestries, a hot pink velvet sofa (this item alone…) and even a vintage Gucci purse. I could go on but I won’t, you tell me what you think of this place when you get there. Let’s compare notes! This place is huge and chock-full of great finds. You will not be disappointed.

The Dog and Pig Show

May 29, 2015




Hello Everyone!

Today’s post is brought you to by the letter D, for Delectable.
Church Hill is slowly becoming the area I long to spend time. I think it’s because I see so much potential for the area. This place is perfect for speciality shops, boutiques and eateries.

I really see The Dog and Pig Show being a destination eatery for locals and visitors to our lovely city of Richmond. I drove to this stylish take-out eatery (located in Church Hill)on a whim and decided to order the Tomato Habenaro Soup. The soup was accompanied by the best bread I’ve had in a long time, courtesy of Sub Rosa Bakery, located just a couple of blocks from “theDandPshow”.

The soup was delectable, creamy with the right amount of heat. I love a spicy soup! The soup had heart and instead of transporting me back to Paris where it’s so easy to find great food, it made me appreciate that there’s great food right here in Richmond, VA.

Expect more pics.
Also if you’re new to my blog, all photos were photographed by yours truly, unless otherwise stated. If you wish to use my photos please ask and also link back to my blog.

Thank you.

Style For Days!

May 28, 2015





Woke up this beautiful morning and happened upon a great antique shop/gallery based in Seattle, Washington: Homestead Seattle. Their tastes reminds me of the great vintage finds that I photographed in the Marché aux Puces right outside of Paris. Style for days!

Have a great Friday everyone.

A Touch of Canvas

May 19, 2015

Hello everyone! I don’t know if I’ve ever told you how much I love a good tote, not to mention canvas material in general.

Well while perusing Pinterest Sunday, I came across a photo of a chic and rugged. I was so stunned. The  more I looked at the creations, that feeling of discovery, of infatuation began to take over. I just loved the color and texture combinations of the various sizes of pouches and clutches before displayed before me. Cotton and leather, vintage indigo fabric from Africa and beyond seemed to jump off the screen and I began to see myself owning these pieces and carrying them all over the world with me. I’m in love and I must know about the person who’s created the object of my desire. The designer, no slouch to the design world, has  granted me an interview! I’m so excited! I can hardly wait to share his wares with you all. You’re going to love them!

I hope that the interview and photos will be up by next week. Stay tuned!

Ask and ye shall receive! Yes!

Well, It’s About Tile!

May 17, 2015




I’ve been obsessed with tiles as of late. Don’t ask me why, but I have a sneaky suspicion that it may be tied to my desire to return to Morocco at the end of summer. I wanted to work there but realize I need to work stay on the homefront. Anyhoo!
It’s all about the Tiles! The colors, they myriad of colors and shapes are just astounding these days. We’re beyond subway tiles, ladies and gents. Just a few hours ago I attended an open house here in my neighborhood. The sellers renovated the kitchen brilliantly and lo and behold, they used tiny black and white tile for the floors. Somehow it wasn’t boring, they made the kitchen chic and very inviting. No black and white tiles will you see here today on this blog. You know I love color, today, I’ll keep it subtle. T
he tiles and colors I saw in Morocco is one of the main reasons I wish to return. It could be a new project for me. Stay tuned.


P.S. All photos are from my collection called It’s About Tile, on Pinterest.

What’s going on in my life today, un-related to Mother’s Day

May 10, 2015


I not even going to start apologizing for my absence. So much going on related to the next step of my life. The school year is about to end and I’m ready, prepared to do more on this blog and for this blog. I’ve changed and realize that my photography needs to stay at the forefront of this blog, no matter where I am in the world.

I had an amazing time in Stockholm. I’m currently back home in Richmond, VA. It’s time to show you why I’ve chosen to come back to this American city.

Time to bloom where I’m planted and you’re going to love it.

Seek beauty

April 12, 2015


Seek and ye shall find.

This caught my eye during my walk yesterday.


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