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A Love Supreme: John Coltrane

May 23, 2008

Art and music have always had the ability to change my mood, my outlook on life, everything since I was a child.
At Shades of Retro in Bangkok I found one of the most relaxing lounges I’d ever been in. More photos are coming, I promise.
I knew that as soon as I saw John Coltrane hanging on the wall that I was in the right place.

It is not everyday and certainly not THESE days that an artist of his depth and caliber comes along.
I remember listening to Mr. John Coltrane during my years in Paris, on rainy days (my favorite), eating breakfast with my love, crying over the death of my father so far away from me and how alone I felt in the world when I knew that I could no longer press my cheek against his…

Oh, I thank you John Coltrane for all the happiness and sadness that you’ve seen me through. When I listen to your music I feel God’s greatness, his tenderness and I am in awe of His Mercy and know that God is within all things, humans, creatures great and small and that he lives within me as well.

Whether you believe or not, I wish you all the happiness, health, peace and love that you can handle.
I feel good, so good.

Have a great weekend.

Felicia in Seoul

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  1. June 3, 2008 11:07 AM

    🙂 what a beautiful post 🙂 Music is powerful stuff, stuff of the soul. I like both the pics here.

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