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Second Hotel: Originality in Apgujeong

June 1, 2008

On a hunt for some inspiration and less crowded streets to walk down, I headed to the one of the “Beverly Hills of Korea”, Apgujeong. In Shinchon (where I live) where neon signs and people seem to outnumber the very stars above, Apguejeong was a welcome respite even though it’s exorbitantly overpriced.

I followed the money and it led me to Second Hotel, where my wallet could breath a sigh of relief.

I was actually expecting to find a lounge located in a chicly designed hotel and what I found was a great concept, not like Colette in Paris, something even better, a collection of designers each sparking genuine interest and not just desire to acquire. Second Hotel’s greatest object is inspiration.
I was told that while First Hotel is actually in the works, the owners felt that they’d want to feature some friends and other artists they liked in an atmosphere that nurtures curiosity and not hyper consumerism. Excellent, because what je deteste the most are stores that tell me what I should buy, where, read, etc. If I want that I’ll look at television, all in the comfort of my brand new studio apt., thank you. Here you can find the latest in cycling gear for bike messengers, hip recycled Heineken classes, modern lighting and of course, great music.

I loved the shape of the building itself, the back of the building is all glass letting in the perfect amount of light, shadows here and there which only make shopping more relaxing and strangely enough, the objects more beautiful.

Songha Heo, Art Director at Second Hotel, invited me to their annual garage sale where some of the top designers, fashion editors and photographers attend to either sell or swap some pretty snazzy stuff, no doubt.

Many thanks to Songha Deo of Second Hotel. I hope to stay in First Hotel very soon!

Second Hotel
647 2, 3rd Fl. Sinsa-dong, Kangnam-gu 135-896
tel: 82 2 542 2229

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  1. June 2, 2008 6:23 PM

    I do love Collette, but this sounds great and a super design resource. Hopefully a website comes with it soon too.


  2. maritasays permalink
    June 9, 2008 2:23 AM

    I like the recycled rice bag-tote. I picked up a similar one during a design festival at Playground! last year. They also sell enormous ones at markets for B10 that we use to do our market shopping with. Also serves as a great gift. I like searching for ones with fun images.

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