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TimeOut: I’m now in London

June 30, 2008

Hello everyone!

It’s been eight years since I’ve been in London and the only reason that I’m here is to see a lovely friend of mine, Alessandro C.

Yes, he’s Italian, delightfully so.

The perfect host he is as well as a world citizen who takes his time to discover simple, small things.

After we happily and aimlessly sauntered through Notting Hill last night speaking about life and the choices still left for us all to make, he suddenly said: “Felicia, you know, here we are walking through Notting Hill and the only problem that we have is deciding whether to go to Portobello Road or Brick Lane tomorrow.”

We laughed and smiled the smile of those who know how precious life is and how lucky we are to be living it on our own terms, come what may.

Enjoy and yes, I am definitely going to put some photos on hopefully when I get back to Paris on Tuesday.

Enjoy your life and all the great moments and people in it.

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  1. sdg1844 permalink
    July 1, 2008 9:11 AM

    Sounds like you’re having a lovely time. I haven’t been to London in awhile. I’m looking forward to pictures.

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