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Schapiro’s Heros

August 14, 2008

Mr. Steve Schapiro

I had the honor of attending a much talked about showing of Steve Schapiro’s latest book and photographs in Paris, entitled: Shapiro’s Heros. Muhammed Ali, the much beloved Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and the late Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as well as James Baldwin are just some of the faces that you will find in this thought provoking book. Mr. Steve Schapiro covered the Civil Rights Movement, followed James Baldwin and Andy Warhol and captured some of the most iconic men and women in art, politics, sports and entertainment during a time when our country was on the cusp of change that would alter the way we live and think for generations to come. Some of what you will experience while thumbing through this book is a sense of innocence, blind truth, but most of all, hope. I cannot describe to you how it felt to view a photograph of a freedom fighter of the Civil Rights movement. The look in his eyes brimming with tears with the word VOTE written across his forehead was to me the most moving photograph of them all.

If it weren’t for this young man as well as the millons of others who dared to stand up for what they believed in, you and I would not live in the society that we know today.

Steve Schapiro’s photographs have a way of not only transporting you back in time but also encouraging you to continue to look forward, be brave and most of all, tell and show the truth.

Mr. Schapiro and I share the some of the same heros and I was fortunate enough to speak with him at length about what he’d experienced and what he is currently working on. I thank him for the invaluable advice that he gave me about my own career and future as a photographer. Thanks to you Mr. and Mrs. Schapiro for taking time out this successful vernissage to point a fellow American photographer in the right direction.

A special thanks to Mr. Thierry Marlat of Galerie Thierry Marlat, for inviting me to view such an incredible vernissage and Nathan (Intern Indispensable)

You may still view Steve Schapiro’s work at:

Galerie Thierry Marlat
2, rue de Jarente (Le Marais)
Paris, Paris Region F-75004 France
Tel. +33 01 44 61 79 79
Fax . +33 01 44 61 79 89

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