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Korean Sunblock

October 21, 2008


 I had the pleasure of picking apples on Carter’s Mountain in Charlottesville, Va. yesterday, I became so thankful for the ground beneath my feet: Virginian soil. For those of you who are not fortunate enough to experience the changing of the seasons as we are here in various states on the east coast, it is truly amazing to see a kaleidoscope of colors wherever your eye chooses to rest. The sun here is free to not only work at illuminating, it is free to go where it wants because it’s not being blocked at every square meter as I feel it is in certain areas of Seoul. I began to think of Korea and was of course very thankful to be back (at this moment, I don’t know for how long) in Virginia. I saw and experienced so much in Korea and I am thankful for each second of it.

These buildings were a last gift to me and my camera during my last stroll in Korea. Korea was and is a eclectic mixture of incredible design, textures and color, where I gained the most from just standing in awe even though there was so much sunblock.

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