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I always meet cool people: South Korean students at Target!

November 15, 2008


Fighting! Fighting! You can do it!

Fighting! Fighting! You can do it!

The Power of Prayer. I've prayed here as well.

The Power of Prayer. I've prayed here as well.

Another goal reached!

Another goal reached!

When people, friends, try to include me in their silly arguments or fights, I practice flight!

Where I landed (thank God) was Target! I needed to get household items anyway and just as I was perusing through those immaculate and orderly aisles, I heard someone speak Korean.
There they were, four young and chill Korean students! I said hello to them in Korean and they were delighted and surprised that I spoke their language. I know about five words of Korean but those five words get me pretty far, thank you.
They reminded me of my student years at VCU (where they are currently studying), great years! We shared a culturally cool moment finding out why we both decided to be where we were and are. One of the students, Moon Ju, wrote two messages on this blog and I thought to myself: What a wonderful world.
Meeting people from all around the world, traveling, being a photographer and being grateful, makes my life rich beyond measure.

Here are photos that I found this morning without even trying, of Korean students studying for their Entrance Exams that will enable them to attend the nation’s top universities. They have pep rally’s for their fellow students to boost their morale, parent’s attend temples and other places of worship to pray for their child’s success. Is that serious folks. I’ve never seen students study harder as they do in Korea. Good luck in all your endeavors! FIGHTING!

For more photos please visit: Zimbio

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  1. woosung permalink
    November 15, 2008 3:55 AM

    haha it was good to see you today at my parents’ store as well! it’s little weired that we met two day straight unexpectly. =) hey I’ll update myself with your blog from now on~

  2. November 16, 2008 12:50 PM

    Korea is awesome! I’ve post my responses to your tag as well ūüôā

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