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Life is.

September 20, 2009


Greetings from Masseria Cafe!

Hello, really don’t want to get into the excuses about why I’ve been a bit absent of late. Don’t want to bore you.

I only want to blog when I feel I have something to say, so here I am.

Work is good and actually so good that it’s not actually work. It’s a privilege to do what I do.

What do you feel privileged to do? Why or why not?

For the past two weeks I’ve been walking around thinking to myself “There is only the work” I first heard these words while watching a film and it comforts me now at times when I feel a bit directionless. That I should recall that particular quote now that I’m quite serious about photography, is no coincidence.I know that I have to keep doing, inquiring, moving. To stop growing, moving and groovin’…I just can’t imagine it.

It’s who I am and what I do. Can you imagine not being you?

I have a new quote: There is only the joy. Live a life full of joy.

Enjoy your days.

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