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Three Photographers, Three Points of View

January 17, 2010

It all started over a cup of coffee.

That coffee led me to Paulo Coelho’s latest work: Like the Flowing River which led me home to search for insight and inspiration on Interior Photography where I finally arrived to discover the work of three thought provoking photographers. Thanks to Youtube and Redux Pictures, a commericial and editorial agency based in New York City.

I quite liked photographers Heather Johnson, Brian Shumway and ,Q. Sakamaki. I must say there are images shot by Mr. Sakamaki that may be too strong for some to watch but they are nonetheless compelling and serve to display the horrors and victims of war.

Was there ever a photograph that helped change your point of view about something or someone?

I’ve always taken photographs. I believe the photograph that changed me and changed how I viewed male bodies was a  photograph by the wonderful, Dorothea Lange. I cannot find it online, but it was a photograph of a male farmer working in the field, shirtless, from the waist up. The light, his form, the strength, it was all there.

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