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I was blown away

April 2, 2010

Just lovely.

Thank you, Hanneli

and why can’t I have one of these?!

I will have the massive fro’ in the summer. It’s so humid in Seoul during the summer that it would be wasteful to spend money on getting the perfect blowout (which is how I roll now). I’m just not ready for the stares and the questions. Julia’s hair is stunning though!

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  1. April 2, 2010 6:39 PM

    oh my goodness i looked at that puppy and my eyes exploded!

  2. April 2, 2010 7:20 PM

    I know, right?!!! Ha!!!

  3. justkech permalink
    April 3, 2010 3:52 AM

    hey!.. So happy to know that you enjoyed Mooey’s pic. Its inspiring!. Will keep posting soonish

    is that your hair ? .. WOW!.. its awesome!

    Cheers! .

  4. April 3, 2010 10:40 AM

    Hello and thanks for dropping by.
    Your Mooey is pure love with four little legs and the sweetest eyes. Ha!
    No, that’s not me in the pic. I wear my hair straight but in the summer, I give it a break and wear it in an afro’.
    My fro’ will be half her size. Look forward to seeing more of Mooey!

  5. April 4, 2010 9:24 AM

    Is that her hair or a wig?

  6. April 6, 2010 8:04 AM

    that’s hers, kid.
    Mine is half the size and it will be seen this summer in Korea. I’ll walk with an answer pad on my back. Ha!

  7. Avalon permalink
    April 15, 2010 8:33 AM

    I’m 6′ as well. Just wondering if you wear heels in Korea…..if you wore them at all before. I do and I’m just wondering if because if a simple afro can be exhausting then what will 2 inch heels be like. My afro is almost that big. sigh….

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