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It’s time to say Grace

January 6, 2011

photographer unknown

In an effort to get rid of the chill I’ve been feeling these past two days, I decided to jump into the sauna tonight and sweat out whatever is trying to set up house in my temple. I love the way that Korean women tie small towels on their head, Princess Leia style. Sauna is a way of life here. You get together with your girlfriends after your workout and sit in the sauna (10 min is my limit) and look at tv. Yes, they have a large color tv protected from the extreme heat. Love it!
I don’t wear an afro in the winter, so when I need to go to the sauna, I have to wrap the hair up. No ifs, and or buts. I tie the little towel turban style, usually ending up with a chignon in the front and off to the side, yeah, I vogue it up. Here I love how Grace just does a simple tie in the front, the print and her amazing bone structure, just killin’ it!

However the simplest way to rock a scarf is by simply using it as a veil or shroud. This style is only for the bold and beautiful. Let there be Grace. Folks, I simply could not resist. I love her!

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