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Heaven, I’m in Heaven!

January 13, 2011

I hope its name is David Bowie


this cat is so Diana Ross in Mahogany

and my heart beats so that I can hardly speak….

I’d like to say that this is how I tend to look when I’m at my wits end with trying to find the perfect pant, blouse, scarf…and I’m not even a clotheshorse people. I’m not going to buy anything until I get to Paris because it’s time pour LES SOLDES! Yes, this is when all of Paris goes on sell for about six weeks! So now I can pack extremely light. Hello, carry-on only! I hate checking bags anyway. Read more about LES SOLDES (sorry about the caps, but I’m so excited!) here and here.

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  1. January 13, 2011 10:11 PM

    awww. kitty kitty…:D

  2. January 13, 2011 10:18 PM

    He is very cute and I don’t even like cats.

  3. January 13, 2011 10:54 PM

    Keep me posted on your Paris plans! 🙂


  4. January 13, 2011 11:15 PM

    Will do! I’d love to finally meet you!

  5. January 15, 2011 12:18 AM

    Paris here you come … so envious !!!

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