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Sweden for France

May 16, 2011

French bathrooms can be rather sad, so I hope I can get some beautifully colored tiles on the walls or floors.

I’ve spent one whole week back in the U.S. and I’m utterly exhausted. Thank God for Jesus (I’m serious) because church was where I headed this morning to find some peace. You know, peace and joy  just to be alive? It was wonderful seeing my pastor and church family again. I now have the energy to focus back on my next task: decorating two newly renovated, empty apartments IN PARIS! I will be there for six weeks (God help me. (I’m serious) trying to make two apartments “zen, modern and cozy”. Yes, that’s what my friends want. I take inspiration from all over and today, I’m looking at Sweden, another country where I lived for quite some time. Sweden, for me, will always represent closeness to nature in terms of natural materials throughout the home, functionality, for Swedes are not too keen on making unnecessary decorative statements and smart use of space. The amount of space they can create in even the tiniest  apartments is amazing. These are just some of the photos I like from Bolagets Fastighetsformedling. that are giving me some food for thought.

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