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It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

June 23, 2011

You may or may not know Mr. Roger’s melodious greeting at the beginning of each episode of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. Here, look and listen to this.. Lovely, warm, neighborly. There’s nothing like a good neighbor.

I couldn’t help but notice that Fort Green felt different than Brooklyn Heights a week before. The impressive brownstones, the tree-lined streets that left a carpet of shadow and light on the ground, that and more was all there, everything except that feeling of neighborhood friendliness, particularly from Fort Green’s new inhabitants.
I wish I could tell them now: Get to know your neighbors, no “us vs. them”, please. We all belong wherever we choose to live but don’t make Mr. Jackson, who’s been living in the neighborhood longer than you’ve been alive, feel as if he has a third arm.” Bottom line: You both have much to learn from one another. Pay attention, class is now in session.

I can’t begin to know about Fort Green by just spending an afternoon there, but in spite of the chilly reception, I’d like to discover more, I’m intrigued. This article by the New York Times (Anson strikes again!) delves much deeper.

I’ll leave you with the wise words of Prince Rogers Nelson aka Prince when he sang:

“I don’t wanna’ be your weekend lover, all I wanna’ be is some kind of friend” – Purple Rain.

That one’s for you Fort Green.

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  1. Trina permalink
    June 25, 2011 10:45 PM


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