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Stove: Now you’re cooking with gas!

July 13, 2011

Hello, lots of things going on but as I said earlier I had the pleasure to spend time with a dear friend from the past who is now a lovely part of my present. We decided to pick up where we left off: Port Norfolk. Mr. O (not our President) invited me to an amazing and sweetly bizarre restaurant called Stove. To honor the occasion Mr. O procured the best table there. I had no idea what what was in store. The only thing missing was a lion, a tiger and a bear. Wild animals (taxidermy) galore, the owner/chef’s exciting artwork, and the kookiest lamps you’ve ever seen this side of reality furnish this lovely space. The chef is a true Southerner and because of this I felt as if I was home around my relatives in North Carolina: lots of laughter, tall tales, scandalous (I love it!) language and gossip and oh! THE FOOD!!! The wine selection!!! I think that my photos don’t do the place justice plus I quenched my thirst with tea and vodka beforehand (this drink should be called “Thank you, Jesus”) but moving right along…

To make a long story long, I loved the food, the atmosphere, the owner/chef , his sense of humor and of course sitting next to one of the coolest men I know. The night was perfect. Thank you Stove and thank you Mr. O, you’re the top!

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  1. July 13, 2011 9:13 PM

    Loved this. Definitely makes me want to go there!

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