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Friends, how many of us have them?

July 28, 2011

I have some great friends and I’ll include my brother in that group as well.
At this very moment I’m sitting inside a huge screened in porch at the home of a friend. I get to get up every morning, eat breakfast surrounded by rosemary, lavender, peonies, listening to the wind in the trees as well as the bumblebees and birds that also love this house and its splendid garden. In addition to being smart as a whip and kind she is also very busy but has nevertheless given me some time to spend with her and opened her home to me before I embark on a new path. This is the calm and peace that I need right now and I think without me telling her this, she instinctively knew it. I’ve let some extraordinary people inside my life and we’ve become good friends. We clicked instantly and that magic doesn’t happen everyday. I thank them with all of my heart and thank God everyday for placing them on my path. I learn from them, they are a constant inspiration, they challenge me and I cherish the moments that we have together both near and far.

Earlier I wrote about embarking on a new path. I will tell you more once I sign my contract. Yes, I will be THE photographer on board, it will involve lots of travel but most of all it will mean a new start, a new Paris (thank you, Julie!) collaborating with someone whose work I admire and respect. I’m so grateful for this opportunity.  Once I sign, I’m going to shout it to the world!

I love this image taken by the The Lisbon Tailor, it sums up how I feel about myself, my friends and my life right now. The cutie on the left has a gorgeous smile, I wonder what his laugh sounds like. Good Day to you all and go and hug your friends! Bisous!

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