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The Pleasure Principle, the Principle of Pleasure in Paris

August 9, 2011

Beds in Paris are for…

What I know for sure: Beds are for rest, great sex (I don’t know any other kind) and procreation, if you’re into that sort of thing. Those three things and more can be done n’importe where and n’importe when but since I’m in Paris, things must be brought to a higher level to intensify pleasure of all three and so much more.

Forget what you heard: Paris is not about wearing striped t-shirts and the perfect ballerina flats by Repetto(I’m so terribly tired of these kinds of posts, tirelessly and tediously written by expats and wanna-be expats), no my dear readers, Paris is about PLEASURE. You heard it here first and please don’t ever forget it. Once you  define what is pleasurable to you in Paris, you will carry this knowledge with you for the rest of life no matter you happen to find yourself. Amen.


Bon! As a Photographer, Décoratrice and Personal Shopper I get to peruse shops, touch fabric I’d only dreamt of many moons ago and I get special discounts which please my clients to no end.  The bed for the apartment I’m decorating arrived yesterday and today I will go to Le Monde Sauvage and back to CSAO to take pictures of the items I prefer and send those pics to my clients. I have carte blanche but I also like to collaborate, everybody’s creative juices should be bubbling, non?

Unlike the apt. I’m staying in now, the apt. I’m decorating is small, very small. Small apartments are what most people of mon age live in.  Just because it’s small, doesn’t mean you have to think small in terms of really creating a bedroom you love. These three beds from Caravane express pleasure on three different levels. For a grasse matinee, I love the Indian Plaid bedroom (all linens here designed by Veronique), for a jet-setter in me, the Orange, art-deco platform bed and for the real me, the gorgeously warm, dreamy, zen bed with chocolate and beige accents.  It’s the bed that I think I’d have the best time in. Pleasure people, pleasure. LOL! What do you think someone would say about you if they entered your bedroom?

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  1. lily permalink
    August 10, 2011 9:05 AM

    Haha, love this post!

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