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Marcel, encore une fois!

September 21, 2011

It’s very early in the morning here in Paris. I hear the stirrings of neighbors getting ready for work and soon that will be me, but alas, no longer in Paris. Can’t be greedy right? Plus I will begin work on shooting a great book with authors Aphrochic upon my return. I mean, if you’re going to return to the States from Paris, this is a great way to return, non?

Today, I want to bring you back to Marcel, LE spot to be in right now, located in the 18eme (Montmartre). It’s on my favorite avenue in Paris, Avenue Junot and I love that it’s a bistro/épicerie, a style which I’m beginning to see a lot of in other places in our fair city. Walking with Aurore, Marcel caught my eye due to it’s green/grey exterior and and large windows. I popped right in and my eyes grew bigger as I immediately felt at home in the cozy exterior with just the right amount of light streaming. I want to thank the Marcel staff for allowing me to photograph their beautiful place. Merci Marcel!


Marcel, 1 villa Léandre 75018 – Tél : 01 46 06 04 04

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