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“That’s really French of them”

September 29, 2011



I keep waking up at 5 30 AM. What else is there to do but blog, right?
I happened upon this funny video of David Lebovitz (Pastry Chef and writer extraordinaire) visiting Babycakes in NYC. I’ll be in NYC once again in a couple of weeks to shoot the first three of the twenty houses we’re featuring in book and I think this place would be great to represent the dessert portion of our savory lunches on set! That’s a gentle hint, Jeanine.

Now the French can have their macarons but I’ll take a doughnut and a moist cupcake (sometimes both at the same time, why not?) anytime. Americans do it better, period. I’ve been all over the world and every time that I’m out of the country and come across a cupcake, they always disappoint, can you say, DRY AND FLAVORLESS? Heck, even the supermarket down the street makes darn good cupcakes. Definitely am going to try these gluten-free cupcakes and doughnuts at Babycakes.

My favorite part of this video is when David tells the owner that the French don’t use vanilla extract (very true, my local market in the Bastille carries fresh vanilla bean at the cash register) and she replies: “That’s really French of them” and he looks up and says “Yeah” His expression, cute and priceless! Let me stop fawning over that moment and get Jeanine to pre-order some cupcakes for the shoot. Please, Jeanine!

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  1. October 2, 2011 3:57 AM

    LOL! We’ll have to see. Might be good for reception one evening.

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