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Coming out of the closet

October 19, 2011

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As a child, my mother instructed my brother and I to prepare our clothes the night before each school day. We would go into our closets and choose something easy and casual, but more importantly, clean. After ironing (even jeans), I always liked to lay my clothes over a chair and stand back ,regarding them with pride. Having this strange wave of accomplishment rush over me, I then would slip into bed, stare at them before falling into sleep, a happy sleep. Today, I only iron if absolutely necessary and I still lay my clothes out over a chair, especially when I’m traveling. Who has time to hang anything in a closet?

I’ve seen some really nice photographs recently displaying clothes outside their natural habitat. Would you be able to look at your clothes everyday, displayed nicely, neatly outside your closets? I don’t think it’s about having “nice” clothes, but more about organization and imagination. I think those pictures that have personal elements such as perfume bottles, hats and photographs, etc. help to bring your personal style, choice in clothing into the new territory. Perhaps it would even help you to finally get rid of that skirt you bought in Europe that is SO not doing anything for your figure in the U.S. or that silk shawl may daily bring you cherished memories of the grandmother who gave it to you for your 16th birthday.

Would you bring your clothes out of the closet?

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