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Black American Interior Design

October 25, 2011

So called “African-American style”, especially in terms of interior design, cannot be defined without understanding how diverse Black Americans are in this country. My mother may have a few African statuettes in her home but my paternal aunties in NorthCarolina would never hear of it as they adorn their homes with Southern inspired embroidered quilts and beautiful crockery that make me proud to come from the South. Their textiles, antique dolls, and country skillets remind me of their goodness, amazing hospitality and generosity.

The home that I just photographed had a very strong Asian influence as they love that area of the world as well as the Buddhist philosophy that was born there. The book that I’m photographing is not about promoting a cookie-cutter style of life, it’s about showing how diverse we are in terms of heritage and how we have influenced and been influenced by the world at large. I’ve seen modern, eco-friendly furniture, vintage indian tapestry, and the latest techy’ instruments that would make anyone green with envy. You see, it’s not about African Style or Black American style, it’s about warmth and good design. Plain and simple.

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