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I’m in a Moroccan state of mind

April 17, 2012

Still reeling from all the intensely rich, vibrant colors of Morocco. I see Morocco everywhere, even here in Paris. “Scuse me while I kiss the sky!”

Note: If someone could tell me where these images came from, I will certainly give photo credit. I moved them from two blogs (that I remember) but didn’t label them right away. My apologies.

NOTE: A really nice and new reader just informed me that the last photo comes from Where Did You Get That. A really great blog that I’ll share with my young fashion students. Thank you so much for your efforts!

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  1. April 18, 2012 3:36 PM

    I love all these colours!
    It’s one of the things I don’t get about where clothing is concerned. How is it that we can spend so much of our time dressed in greys, blacks, browns, and dark blues when there are such lovely and vibrant colours out there begging to be worn?

    I embrace these wonderful colours, especially during the winter when the sky is grey. A little punch of red, a hint of orange, a pop of vibrant green…

    By the way, you have me dying to go to Morocco. Hubby would like to go too so it’s in the planning stage right now!

  2. pintsizedinfluence permalink
    April 20, 2012 11:10 PM

    The last image is from the Where Did U Get That blog. Permalink here

    PS…I used google images to find it. Great tool!

  3. April 20, 2012 11:12 PM

    Thank you so much! Going to give credit now.

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