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Underneath your clothes

August 5, 2012

Yesterday (Saturday) I decided that enough was enough. I had to to leave the comfort of my sleepy neighborhood and brave the masses of Chinese, Brazilian, and German tourists (they only buy luxury, dahling’) and just people in general who adore shopping in Galérie Lafayette. It was time to buy some  new lingerie, undies, whatever you want to call it. This particular and opulent Parisian department store cannot be beat in terms of selection and varying prices. That means, I can still shop amongst Gucci/Prada supporters all the while prancing about finding little beauties of my own.

First stop, Princess Tam Tam. They are a favored brand among French ladies, but I do miss the colors and slight cheekiness of days gone by. Their cuts are simple, fabric soft and comfortable. This brand is sweetly sophisticated. More lingerie brands you can find here. The brand Huit is sweet and Dim will keep your figure slim and your wallet fat. That’s all I’m saying on that.

I’d forgotten the how convenient department stores are. Countless brands all under one roof! After finding my treasures I discovered why everyone’s goo-goo gaga over Cos I actually wanted to try on their clothes and discovered that they’re dresses are smart and they made me feel so chic. Before leaving I found a sexy little shirt dress by Antik Batik. It’s mine and I know I’m going to walking down the street (my own personal runway). I felt like a new person, no, a better version of myself. Funny how fashion can do that to you.

P.S. As I made my back home I found some amazing shoes on sale! Might not be a big deal for you, but as a six-foot woman, good shoes in my size are hard to find in France. They’re not particularly tall here. 🙂

photo via Pinterest

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