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Fashion in black and white

August 7, 2012

Hello everyone! Since I’d made my way to Galerie Lafayette the other day I only thought that I should take it upon myself to check out its neighboring competition: Printemps. Where you will probably find everything you need in the more populated GL, Printemps puts you in a different frame of mind as well as a different hierarchy in terms of fashion and fashion concepts. Printemps is a sleek, well thought out department store. I love that it’s spacious, much less crowded (due to the much higher price-point, I’m sure) and beautifully lit. It’s exclusive and it shows. I took my time in exploring new brands as well as redefined classic ones. I had no idea that Isabel Marant had a fresher brand called Étoile, nor had I heard about Vanessa Bruno’s other brand called Athé

Instead of taking the métro, I decided I wanted a pleasant morning ride and with me I took a pleasant little book called A Life in Frocks. Have you read it? I usually don’t read these kinds of books, especially a book with a pink cover (smh) but it’s actually inspiring me to take a closer look at clothes (they’re beginning to be a big part of my professional life now), their construction, their social importance, etc. Don’t judge a book by its cover is appropriate for this particular book because it is an interesting account of the significance of clothing to one woman’s life and in it I too am reconnecting to the power of fashion and its importance to the world at large. This book keeps surprising me. By the time I arrived at Printemps, I was no longer thinking about “just get in and get outta’ there” I took my time to feel fabric, look at the cuts, think about the designer’s branding, etc.

A great day, a good book, and a new attitude. What could be better?

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