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“They are just as rebellious!”

August 16, 2012

The first time I heard this phrase “They are just as rebellious!” I darn near fell on the floor laughing because the person who said it was talking about someone else’s eyebrows. Hilarioius. Living in Paris you have to be rebellious, especially if you’re a foreigner. What you all see in fashion magazines you don’t really see on a daily basis here in the City of Light. I really think Parisians are born wearing black so as to not attract attention to themselves. I’m not from Paris. I’m from the sunny Southern United States and we love wearing color and when you’re born with beautiful brown skin (all skin colors are gorgeous) wearing vibrant color is your birthright.

I may head over to Galeries Lafayette today to go jeans shopping and search for some vibrantly colored trousers. Other than J.Crew (they have amazing clothes and colors!) I have to find a brand here that is long enough for my legs (I’m 6ft) and the fabric must be natural. Is that too much to ask? Do I have to design my own pants in the fashion capital of the world?

Check out these gorgeous colors and rebellious pant shapes! No skinny jeans here.

First two photos via here and then here

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