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“Bizarrely, women don’t get it, but men do”

August 23, 2012

Hello everyone!

Today’s post comes to you due to my courage to finally enter the exclusive world of Parfum Costes, yes, of the illustrious, Hotel Costes. I have walked by and wanted to enter this beautifully zen boutique for ages, for years and now folks, I will share with you what I learned and experienced during my visit. I AM ONE LUCKY WOMAN!

I love perfume and not just any ole’ perfume. I long for something that reminds me of my foreign travels, is intriguing comforting, bold but gentle. Is this a tall order? I want what I want, don’t judge me. Costes and especially Costes 2. My goodness Costes 2 is the one that I’ll be wearing at a very special life even and Costes is what I’ll be wearing when I sign on the dotted line. More about that later.

Thank you so much Mr. Ronald O’Boyle, who reigns supreme at Parfum Costes and educated me about the genius of Olivia Giacobetti, one of the great nez (nose) in the industry. What  a charming, knowledgeable and generous man, a breath of fresh air in cynical (at times) Paris. He threw me for a loop when I was quizzed about the exclusive line, Iunx, that is only available at Parfum Costes and no, they don’t mail this particular line of perfume nor can you order it over the phone. A mystifying line of scent, I tell you! One particular scent from this line is called Scarlet. I sniffed, I inhaled, hmm, something very familiar about this scent but I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

Mr. O’Boyle gave me a hint in the form of a riddle: “Bizarrely, women don’t get it, but men do” What in the world, was he talking about? God, I guessed and guessed, the man was patient, almost to fault. He had to help yours truly with several other hints, until I finally guessed it. Scarlet, smells like lipstick. Women hardly ever notice the scent of lipstick but men always do. That’s what he was hinting at!

I remember the smell of my mother’s lipstick when I was a little girl. I would secretly put some on when my mother stepped out to whoop it up with her girlfriends. Comforting, intriguing…It’s funny how scents can take you back in time.

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