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Papier D’Arménie!

August 29, 2012

As great as a Cire Trudon Candle.

I was on a reconnaissance mission yesterday in the Upper Marais and happened to finally step foot in the sweetest little organic shop: Bio Moi.. A great shop as it sells some of the top bio skincare brands, incredible food and the best muesli I’ve seen thus far in the City of Light. Well, I purchased some goodies and at the cash wrap I look down and saw one of the oldest and much loved French traditions: Papier d’Arménie!

You all know I love beautiful scents. I noticed an irresistible scent as I was handing the salesperson my money and inquired about it. She quickly reached over and handed me a tiny packet that smelled like sensual and comforting, just amazing! It contains woodsy notes, vanilla, myrrhe and incense, etc. The combination is intoxicating.
French, Canadian and Japanese homes have been enjoying Papier D’Arménie for over a century and now a limited edition created by the great parfumeur, Francis Kurkdjian has converted another home and heart, mine, and will continue to do so for years to come. It’s so simple. No hours of burning my pricey candles. Just tear off a strip of this paper, light it gently, blow it out to avoid having a flame and let the magical smoke seduce you and cleanse and perfume your home. C’est magique!

It can be found all over France, in small pharmacies, etc. Luckily you can order it on their website.
The one you see above is the one that was created by Mr. Kurkdjian and is a limited edition. So hurry and enjoy this simple luxury. I’m going back this weekend to buy as many as I can. I’m hooked!

Bon Wednesday!

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  1. September 2, 2012 9:56 PM

    this is cool.
    no matter what the actual purpose is , it reminds me of the “Enluminure” in France in periods of middle ages in history of art classes. quite colorful and the paper ‘s texture etc. 🙂

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