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The Best Hair Award Goes To…

November 15, 2012

The Wintour herself

Ayo makes me want to cut my big ole fro’

Vanessa Paradis

Before I turn in for the evening I have to tell you about Karl Lagerfeld/Carine Roitfeld exhibition: La Petite Vest Noire. It gave me something unexpected. It was better than I expected, complete with cordial and intimidating security guards. Love that. Anyhoo, Lagerfeld’s photographs were stunning, moving, funny and full of hope. They honored Yoko Ono with her very own video. That was special and it makes me want to know more about Ms. Ono as well as others personalities who were photographed and honored. My favorite photographs were of Leila Bekti (the most beautiful in my opinion), Laetitia Casta (reminded me Picasso’s Blue Period), as well as Anna Wintour.

Another interesting thing that I noticed was all the different hairstyles. You see, I love hair and whoever styled the hair for this project deserves an award. Among these photos, who gets the award for Best Hair?

Note: The cherry on top was that the staff gave all attendees free posters! There were four choices and I chose the poster of Ayo (above). Wasn’t that sweet? Thank you, Mr. Lagerfeld and Ms. Roitfeld.


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