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Acne Paper, Beyond The Esoteric

March 11, 2013


This is how I’m spending my afternoon: reading Acne Paper’s 14th issue. This issue focuses on the undeniable force that is Manhattan. As every French person I cross these days dreams about leaving our Paris behind I now find myself a bit  taken by all the hoopla. I am now engrossed at how citizens the world over dream about, achieve success and even have their hopes shattered in the belly of the beast that is New York on a daily basis and keep coming back for more. I love visiting New York but not living there. I love this city from a distance, am proud of her pulsating streets, the realness of the young and old, the boldness of everyone and everything.

I tell my French students that if you’re not ready to do battle and be grateful to be  a soldier in the battle to live and work New York, don’t even bother thinking about living there. It’s refined, funky, gritty, magical, brutal and beautiful.

Ok, time to read.

P.S. In the background you see the gorgeous pillow cover I purchased on our trip to Morocco.

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