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Cocktails Anyone?

March 29, 2013


Ok, enough of this fashion stuff, well, ok, not really but it’s Friday, time to sit down, relax and raise a glass or two…or three!

I had the most amazing day! I then set out to investigate some new shops in Bastille, on rue Keller, to be exact. Was not disappointed! Beautiful shops filled with high quality, chic, design, fashion and otherwise. Then walked over to my sweet and faithful Merci, bright colors bursting from the front door. Do I see shorts? In Paris? People don’t wear shorts in Paris, they save the shorts for vacations in the South. Smart. You do NOT want to expose any skin inside the metro, too dirty. Seriously. All my French friends tell me this. You’ve been warned.

My goodness! I discovered so many new shops in the Upper Marais today! The best one, not new to me at all as I love wearing their clothes, is L.O.F.T  They have such a beautiful new store (more concept store-ish) in the Marais. I was BLOWN away by the enormity of the space and their spring collection is so class!

All that running around made me a little parched….Time for a cocktail in a beautiful and new restaurant called Beaucoup. Very charming, spacious and reminds me of New York, Soho to be exact. That’s one of the views from the inside, above. Photo credit: Paris Bouge

Who’s joining for me an apéro there tomorrow?  Don’t worry about the time, it’s cocktail hour somewhere in the world, right? Right!

Have a great weekend!

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