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The Jewel of Marché Vernaison: Sophie Elisabeth of Moments Et Matières

April 30, 2013






Hello All!

I had the pleasure of meeting Sophie Elisabeth of Moments Et Matieres at Marché Vernaison while re-discovering the largest flea market in the world: Le Marché Aux Puces – Saint Ouen. Sophie Elisabeth specializes in antique textiles (19th and 20 century) and fashion accessories while her co-founder maintains the vintage furniture side of the business. Together they have created one of the most alluring stands filled with beautiful textiles and vintage furniture that I’ve ever seen. I love how she and her partner have created a world, an atmosphere that speaks to the past but encourages the present and future. I really fell for the enormous round vases that she sells (photo below). These bottles are called Dame Jeanne and were used to transport wine and other alcoholic beverages as far back as the 14th century.

Thank you so much Sophie Elisabeth for allowing me to photograph your space and taking time to explain the pieces that I loved.

Note: While Sophie Elisabeth loved my photographs and words about her stand, her companion (I didn’t know that it at the time) was not so happy as I had visited his stand the day before and quickly left. Why? It was SO DARK and I just felt uncomfortable and quickly left. Seriously, I was scared while I was in his shop (It’s the darkest shop at the flea markets and takes a while for your eyes to adjust).

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