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American Café Culture: Does it exist?

June 5, 2013


At this moment I crave an ice cold mocha latte. I’m in America folks and such a craving at this time of year is quite normal. In France, not so much. A smirk curls my lips when I see French people waiting in long lines for their Starbucks coffee. Ah! Le café Américain has truly taken over. Don’t believe me, go to Paris and see for yourself. I didn’t think Starbucks would make an impression on the French but oh was I wrong. My French friends still marvel how Americans can actually walk and sip at the same time.

This morning I’m really missing the chic café design of Seoul. Visit Seoul, South Korea and see for yourself. You will not want to step into another Starbucks again. Design is of the essence and quite frankly, in my case, the interior design of a café is equal to my pleasure of imbibing coffee, heck, it’s sometimes more important, it’s what attracts me the most.

I’m in Virginia on family business and wonder if a café like the one pictured above could exist here. Don’t get me wrong there are some cute ones but they are too few and far between.

What do you think?

P.S. I’ll get a small cafe mocha and avoid getting a muffin. I always have to watch gaining weight when I’m in the States. Too much coffee will lead to a muffin top. OMG! I want a muffin!

I’ll just have a muffin in my imagination. Life is hard. Have a great day!

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