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Dulce de Leche, Spanish Style

June 14, 2013




Good morning,

I’m in Richmond, Virginia at the moment. A lot and not much at all has changed in this town. My university where I graduated is in walking distance to where I am and I barely recognize the place. Millions upon millions of dollars have poured into this great institution and it is truly phenomenal. It was a great university when I attended but now, I’m lost for words to describe it now. One thing that hasn’t changed, unfortunately is the amount of great cafés to patronize here. There are tons of restaurants (and good ones to boot!) but hardly any cafes where you’d like to sit and marvel at the architecture as well as enjoy the food, looks like you can do both at Dulce de Leche.

Dulce de Leche is a lovely café/boutique located in beautiful Valencia, Spain. Oh why isn’t it located here in Richmond,VA.? Richmond, VA is a university city, top notch universities at that. More than this, if you love food, this is THE place to be as there are countless great restaurants, but cafés, like I like them, non. Dulce de Leche is a perfect blend of art and commerce without being hipster-chic. The food looks delicious, the ambience chic and relaxing. What more can you ask for? Oh, yeah, why can’t I find something like this in Richmond, VA.? This is going to change….

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