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Sweden Since 1995

April 8, 2014


Photos by Diego Fria

Photos by Diego Fria

As I mentioned before I’m planning on visiting Sweden this summer. I lived there almost five years and have not returned since 1995. That’s a long time, people, too long. One thing that I will do everyday that I’m there is find cool cafés.

Sweden is café heaven! My passion for cafés really started when I moved to Sweden, particularly in Gothenburg. My native Virginia, U.S.A. never served little cinnamon buns so heavenly and never had I seen people just order a slice of quiche and coffee and call it lunch. At that time, as an immigrant in strange and exciting Sweden, cafés quickly became my refuge from the bitter cold and where I felt more of a connection to the people around me.
To fika or not to fika? That’s never a question. You always fika in Sweden, it’s a part of being Swedish and it’s just what you do, like breathing. You can fika any and everywhere but to me, I choose to fika at home or at a beautiful café. Pascal is definitely on my list to visit when I travel to Sweden this summer. Diego Fria says that they make the perfect cappuccino and Diego knows his coffee, trust me. I can hardly wait to visit with him in Stockholm and have him show me around his hood’ and his favorite cafés. He’s like me, you can’t just have one. Why limit yourself?

Thank you, Diego for letting me post your photos for this story. Puss och kram!

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