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Face Time

April 10, 2014

aesop-skin-care-skincare-lotion-body-balm-cream-tangerine-rind-pink-grapefruit-moisturize-australia-photo-shershegoes(pp_w808_h1077)Hello All!

Lately people have been curious as to what my skincare regimen is. They’ve said that my skin is glowing and that Virginia really agrees with me. Thanks! I am usually a happy person (this helps a great deal)but I have a confession to make. I’ve discovered an amazing at home retexturizing peel: Avon’s Anew Clinical Retexturizing Peel!. I’ve tried it for a week now and my skin is officially ready for the summer. Pores are clean and tiny, skin is brighter and smoother. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! It’s easy to use and very affordable.

I also use Aesop’s Fabulous Facial Oil. from time to time. This winter was very harsh and this kept me from looking like I had the Mojave Desert on my face. Mornings after I apply this oil, I just splash with water, pat dry and  apply a moisturizer from Mario Bedescu and I’m ready for the world. Bedescu’s products are simple, good for my skin and are easy to travel with. What’s better than that?

What’s your skincare regimen?

The gorgeous photo you see above comes from the very talented photographer, Sher. She has a beautiful blog and the lady loves to travel. Merci, Sher!


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