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67th Annual Cannes Film Festival

May 13, 2014

The esteemed Cannes Film Festival begins tomorrow and I’m here in America. C’est la vie!
One of the films that I’m eager to see is Yves St. Laurent, starring Pierre Ninney in the title role.
As I shared my enthusiasm for the festival with my American students today I began to also talk about great American actors and actresses. There’s a kid who is actually interested in becoming a film maker and do you know that this student has never heard of the festival, never heard of Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, barely knew the works of Francis Ford Coppola, the list goes on. I felt frustrated and a bit sad for the student because they clearly had no interest in finding out about the history of anything I offered. I can accept not knowing about a subject, but not having the DESIRE to know, well that’s unacceptable to me. In France today you can stop any kid on the street and they will have a list of past and present actors and directors on the tip of their tongue to share with you as they are proud of their cinematic history and presence in the world.

Vive la France et le Festival de Cannes!

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