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My Fall!

September 14, 2014

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Hello All!

I received a vital message from my dear, sweet brother today: “It’s perfection outside”. Well my brother knows my tastes in seasons and while I had not planned to go out so early this morning, I couldn’t resist finding out what exactly “perfection” was. I’m glad to know that my brother loves me enough to give me perfection. It was GLORIOUS day today. Sunny and chilly, so chilly that I ran back in my house and grabbed a jacket and hit the road.

I love the Fall before I fall hopelessly fall for the Spring. My mother is the same way. I love wearing scarves, layering beautiful fabrics, walking with my jacket or trench wide open, feeling that hint of cold. I just adore it! All is as it is, not as it should be. You know what I mean? Everything changes, even the food we eat changes. It’s a time to gather together thoughts, friends, plans, but most of all, be and enjoy.

Photos via Fashion Gone Rouge

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