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Ilse Crawford Creates For Ikea

February 10, 2015




I’m back from beautiful Stockholm! Thanks to Em of Ems Designblogg I had the golden opportunity to attend an intimate party and private viewing of Ilse Crawford’s first collection for Ikea, called Sinnerlig. The event was at the beautiful Ett Hem boutique hotel and the collection is simply modern-day exquisite. We were all quite taken with the woven framed daybed. I’m definitely going to purchase it, it’s so beautiful, functional and it looks classically Danish to boot! I love the quiet tones of the collection, the raw natural materials used. I think the collection would work anywhere in the world, which makes it perfect for Ikea to nab such an amazing designer to elevate their brand going forward. Ms. Crawford has designed 30 pieces of so for the collection and it will launch worldwide in August. I call first dibs on the day bed and the beautiful low-lying lamps.

The Best In Show

February 7, 2015






I love Sweden! I love Stockholm! The Stockholm Furniture and Northern Light Fair was a perfect beginning to learning about not only how Scandinavian design has been but more importantly, what Scandinavian design is today. The photos you see above are a great example of some of the unexpected colors and textiles I had the pleasure of viewing at this important show. I am pleasantly exhausted from viewing all the great design I saw. I met some really interesting designers that I will share with you when I return to the U.S. O.K. lights out! Time to hit the design shops tomorrow. Enjoy!

I’m in beautiful Stockholm!

February 4, 2015




Hello everyone!

I’m now in Stockholm, Sweden! I’ve been invited to report and photograph the designers of Stockholm Furniture Design and Light Fair. Today was my second day and I’ve met some wonderful and influential Scandinavian designers. I’m in heaven. Check my instagram for more photos and I will try to blog more while I’m here. My instagram is felicia.shelton. I have lots of surprises for you!

Stockholm Syndrome

January 24, 2015


I’m less than two weeks away from arriving in Stockholm, Sweden! I’m so excited! This photos exhibits exactly how I like to roll when I’m traveling from home to work or from country to country. I like being warm, wearing comfortable but amazing jeans and great boots. Done! I’ll be there for a week but I’m just carrying a lovely carry-on canvas and leather bag gifted me from American Airlines when I worked years ago in Washington, D.C. Gorgeous bag and nicely weathered. Done!

Photo via SaintofSass

Face It! It’s Winter!

January 14, 2015




Hello All!
Today is such a deliciously cold day! Why? Snow and ice fell upon my dear city and now all schools are CLOSED! Yay!!! The students aren’t the only ones jumping for joy today! I prepared for a two-hour delay but this was truly a gift from the gods!

With that being said, I’ve been focusing only on my trip to Sweden and what I’m going to pack, especially when it comes to cleansers and moisturizers. Face it! It’s Winter!

Winter in Sweden is brutal. I remember my first winter there and the havoc it reaped on my brown skin. I couldn’t wear enough cocoa butter! Dehydrated skin of color is NOT the look for any season. Brown skin is gorgeous and to keep it so, it has to be moisturized at all times or else you will be pulled over by Ash Checking Police and baaaabeee you DON’T want that!

Anyhoo! I’ve just disovered a new brand of organic facial and body products based in Malmo, Sweden called Organic Makers!

It’s a DIY brand where you mix your own cleansers, scrubs and moisturizers to your own needs and wants. Organic oils and herbs rule the day here and I’m all for it. The second photo is actually a cold cream and the last photo is a body scrub that could also be used on the face. How cool is that? They even supply the containers which is great for those of us who travel!

Th website is only in Swedish but for those of you who don’t speak the language you can use google translate.

I see a great future for this Swedish brand. What do you use to keep your skin on point during the winter?

Have a great day,

Felicia S.

A Place by the Fire

January 11, 2015

via alvhemmakleri


via planete-deco

As I prepare for my trip to Stockholm Design Week and Furniture Fair I know that I will face that old bone-marrow chilling cold like I did years ago when I resided there. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cold here in Virginia, but that’s ok, it’s called Winter, nothing new, it’s cold, I get it. Sweden-cold is on another level. It’s the kind of cold that hurts when sit down after once you finally hop a tram to downtown. Nonetheless, I’m eager to see and experience the beauty of Stockholm in winter.

I wonder if the apartment I’ll be staying in has a vintage fireplace like the ones shown in these apartments in Gothenburg and Stockholm. I cannot stop thanking Ada(a new friend) for welcoming me into her apartment in Stockholm. Thank you with all of my heart, fireplace or no! Merci!

Photos via here, here and here.

The Time of Day

January 7, 2015


The light in this photograph reminds me of that time of the day where the sun finally decides to go to bed and let darkness take the wheel.

Photo via lacooletchic, tumblr

How to be Happy

January 2, 2015


Learn this truth and like me, you will sleep like a baby.


January 1, 2015


I wish you all the very best this each year!

Photo via tumblr, That Kind of Woman

Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2014


May your days be Merry and Bright! The skies are the bluest of blue and the sun is shining. Life is so good and I wish you all the very best.

Merry Christmas!

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