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Fantastic Frank Forever

December 22, 2014




I discovered Fantastic Frank a couple of years ago and it’s always on my daily radar as I’m inspired by most of the great photographs and styling I find on this site. What is Fantastic Frank? Fantastic F. (as I am wont to call it) is a a new kind of real estate agency, created in Stockholm, Sweden. If you’re goal is to buy a modern/traditonal housing in Stockholm then look no further. The photography and styling make the apartments or houses sing, at once moody, melancholy and sexy, if that makes any sense to you. It does to me. I feel that the this real estate agency attracts a design-savvy crowd that hasn’t succumbed to hipsterdom and that’s fine by me.


P.S. You can also shop for properties in Berlin and Munich!

All photos from Fantastic Frank’s website. Meric Frank!

Stuga Kära Stuga

December 21, 2014


Stuga means cottage in Swedish and kära means dear, or loved.
We’re having a mild holiday season here in Virginia and I’m not complaining. However, there’s something beautiful about the snow and a cottage in the woods in Sweden…but where is the snow?

Be Happy in the Now

December 19, 2014


I am officially on vacation but the posts will continue. I love sharing my love of design and travel with any and all who visit my blog. This morning I had to do a very difficult thing, a scary thing. I was literally shaking in my boots! I triumphed and I am so happy and happily exhausted at the same time. I was victorious!

I kept reminding myself that there was no need to fear for God was right by my side and I made it through the storm, never alone.

These words are of great comfort and joy to me and I hope they will be to you. Bon Weekend!


It Takes Two: Ferm Living featuring Stine Leth

December 17, 2014




Hello everyone!

I just received some beautiful photographs of the work of Danish knit-artist, Stine Leth…from one of my favorite Danish companies, Ferm Living! Yes! I love surprises. Ferm Living, a lovely Danish company who makes textiles and furnishings for every room in the house has commissioned Stine Leth to create 30 original wall-art pieces exclusively for their company. I know they’re going to sell out within a couple of days. They go on sale starting January 26, 2015.
Aren’t they lovely? They’re modern but also retro. I really love the mix and that these pieces are adding something to the design scene, never seen before.

I have an affinity for Scandinavian style but…

December 14, 2014


Hello again,

Before I go speedwalking in my neighborhood I had to sit down with a cup of green tea and peruse Pinterest. I’ve decided to reconnect with my account and see what’s going on in the world of great design and interior design photography. Pinterest is crack and I cannot get enough! Ok, moving on. Now I do love Scandinavian design but usually when I check on some of my favorite websites I see the same ole’ same ole’ = Mental-ward white paint from ceiling to floor and barely there pastel colors covering sofas and cushions, etc. I love color, not too much but color breaks the monotony, it inspires, it excites and can even sooth. I’m going to try to give you all several posts during the week right up until I leave for Sweden. I will focus on the traditional as well as modern waves of interior design today in Sweden as well as in the rest of Scandinavia.

Why this photo? I love the warm colors, the whimsy, the tight, little bathroom, so efficient. I believe color and spaces. I would love for this space to exist in Scandinavia…

Photo via The New York Times

Scandinavian design, more vital today than ever

December 13, 2014



Hello everyone!
I do apologize for not having posted in a while. I’m planning a design and business trip to Sweden and trying to relearn my Swedish. Both are not as taxing as I thought they’d be and for this I am very grateful. I can hardly wait to meet the wonderful people I expect to meet and once again walk on Stockholm’s amazing city streets, taste Swedish food and photograph classic and modern interior design as well as the architecture. I haven’t visited Sweden in years. I used to live there but when it was time to go I could hardly pack fast enough. Funny now how I can barely wait to get back there!

Anyhoo! I’m sure you know this iconic chair by Arne Jacobsen called Series Seven 7 Chair. Next year, 2015, the Series 7 chair will celebrate its 60th anniversary. Fritz Hansen has marked the occasion by revealing two new colors for the chair. They will only be available in those colors for 2015 so if you like what you see…

Photos via Stylizimo

I Feel Love! Thank you, Lola Akinmade Åkerström

October 31, 2014


I just want to thank the incredible Lola Akinmade Åkerström for being so kind, for being that motivating force and an unending source of inspiration. Thank you, Lola. You’re an incredible photographer and writer. Thank you for featuring me and my work on your gorgeous site and new series, Snapshots! I admire you and respect you immensely.

She had me singing in the street at the top of my lungs this morning and I’m still singing this evening!

A Different Kind of Roast

October 26, 2014


Thank God it’s Sunday! I’m about to go out into this beautiful sunshine and meet a couple of friends for coffee and good conversation. I’m so addicted to my quest for finding cute cafés for when I’ll be in Stockholm that I found this just five minutes before I’m set to meet the gang. I’ll be late, oh well.

Hope that you like these sweet spots of coffee heaven in the middle of Stockholm!

Okay, gotta go!


Grey and White

October 25, 2014




Even though it’s absolutely stunning outside, all the reds, yellows and oranges of Fall are on display right outside my door, I need to redo my bedroom in more somber colors. Grey and White are what I’m considering now. I like the coolness of grey and white together, to keep it from getting boring, I’ll accent with warm bright colors, such as this lamp from or a sweet wool Moroccan rug.

Shopping Guide in Göteborg and Söder

October 11, 2014

Hello all!

I plan to visit Sweden very soon. Why? Well I need to see something new and that something new happens to involve a wonderful interior design show: Stockholm Furniture Fair. I hope to get a little shopping in and take a peak of my former home in Goteborg and my favorite part of town in Stockholm.

Let’s travel to Sweden for a bit with author of the blog, Lovely Life.

I’ve got to visit Artilleriet! Doesn’t it look magical?!

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