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I Feel Love! Thank you, Lola Akinmade Åkerström

October 31, 2014


I just want to thank the incredible Lola Akinmade Åkerström for being so kind, for being that motivating force and an unending source of inspiration. Thank you, Lola. You’re an incredible photographer and writer. Thank you for featuring me and my work on your gorgeous site and new series, Snapshots! I admire you and respect you immensely.

She had me singing in the street at the top of my lungs this morning and I’m still singing this evening!

A Different Kind of Roast

October 26, 2014


Thank God it’s Sunday! I’m about to go out into this beautiful sunshine and meet a couple of friends for coffee and good conversation. I’m so addicted to my quest for finding cute cafés for when I’ll be in Stockholm that I found this just five minutes before I’m set to meet the gang. I’ll be late, oh well.

Hope that you like these sweet spots of coffee heaven in the middle of Stockholm!

Okay, gotta go!


Grey and White

October 25, 2014




Even though it’s absolutely stunning outside, all the reds, yellows and oranges of Fall are on display right outside my door, I need to redo my bedroom in more somber colors. Grey and White are what I’m considering now. I like the coolness of grey and white together, to keep it from getting boring, I’ll accent with warm bright colors, such as this lamp from or a sweet wool Moroccan rug.

Shopping Guide in Göteborg and Söder

October 11, 2014

Hello all!

I plan to visit Sweden very soon. Why? Well I need to see something new and that something new happens to involve a wonderful interior design show: Stockholm Furniture Fair. I hope to get a little shopping in and take a peak of my former home in Goteborg and my favorite part of town in Stockholm.

Let’s travel to Sweden for a bit with author of the blog, Lovely Life.

I’ve got to visit Artilleriet! Doesn’t it look magical?!

Simple as Everything

October 9, 2014


I’m photographing more and more and I love it. I’m really inspired by light, natural light. I’m doing a lot of outside shots these days. The way the light shines in this room not fills the room but also leaves shadows the perfect amount of shadow. I’d love to see this room at night how much light (if any) from the streets affects the space.

Photo via here.

The Light

October 7, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 7.23.30 PM

It’s not really about the scarf it’s about the direction of the scarf, the light shining on the hair and especially the black silk blouse.

It’s about the Light, the light bouncing off the scarf.

Photo via here.

Ça baigne dans l’huile

October 5, 2014

This Sunday started with a phone call from a dear French friend of mine. He is on assignment in Abidjan. After I made him a video tour of my neighborhood I walked toward my favorite vintage store:Halycon and heard this song play, booming actually from the best record store in this city: Deep Groove. Who knew that I’d meet a cool chick who collects punk French music?

Richmond has some sweet spots after all.


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