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Art Review

April 23, 2014


Brazil on the brain.

Photo via here.

The Heavens

April 20, 2014


The Space

April 19, 2014


Reminds me of my first bathroom in my first apartment.
God, I love Richmond.

Photo via here.

“There is always something left to love”

April 17, 2014


I have just learned that one of my favorite authors has passed away.
Gabriel Garcia Margquez made my heart soar while reading One Hundred Years of Solitude. I remember I could barely contain myself when I reached the end of the book. It was as if the world as I knew it was over and I gained a new perspective on how life is truly amazing, mysterious. His writing changed how I looked at myself and the world around me. It made me cherish my family more than I ever thought I could. I looked at them all differently after that book and realized that we’re all here to fulfill our roles in a greater story, the Greatest Story.

Thank you for your brilliance Mr. Marquez. You will be greatly missed and I thank God that I can visit you again and again through the great works you created as well as the life you painted.

Thank you also for the quote above. No matter what, there is always something left to love and to me that is what life is all about, Love.

Photo via Huffington Post.

Georgia On My Mind

April 16, 2014


I love Georgia.

Life Right Now

April 14, 2014



My day, week and life looks like this. Simply beautiful.

Spring Break! Holiday!

April 11, 2014




Spring Break has begun and I intend to do a lot of walking and photographing my surroundings. A week all to myself! Yes! A day trip to NYC is in order, perhaps? On verra!
Everything is in bloom right now and I couldn’t be happier. It’s absolutely stunning in Richmond right now and I’m going to enjoy every single minute of it. Time to break out the whites, the chinos, the sandals and a great blazer. Ready for anything.

Bon Weekend!

Photos via here.


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